Mediterranean emotion

Maybe it’s because we were born in a sun-drenched land surrounded by the sea. Maybe it’s because here in the centre of the Mediterranean we’ve always been exposed to comings and goings, to the influence of other cultures. Or maybe it’s because, here with us, you’ll feel at home in the time it takes to drink a coffee.

An authentic ritual that is part of our way of life, with the perfect timing, savouring the moment and relishing every second of quality. And we want to bring a drop of this Mediterranean essence to the world, to let everyone experience moments of authenticity. Because Caffè Mauro has all the taste and the warmth of the Mediterranean.

Shall we have a coffee together?

A coffee together. Whether an espresso or a steaming cup poured from a moka pot, this is how we celebrate the joy of getting together and how we welcome new acquaintances. Because you’re always welcome here. Where the desire to be together is nurtured, there is always room for everyone.

Sipping a coffee, we restore the right pace of life, away from the frenzy, we take the time to listen and to experience unforgettable moments. Here at Caffè Mauro, we want to grant everyone moments of unique connection and intense pleasure, through our blends. Moments which are uniquely rooted in Italy’s Mediterranean culture, and in its coffee.

A coffee
with a sea view

Our coffee arrives in this corner of the Mediterranean from all over the world and is greeted by the sea breeze over the strait. Here, slow roasting and mindful blending transform simple coffee beans into exquisite blends, ready to be transformed into tantalising espressos and to gurgle in moka pots, for welcoming, conversing and experiencing unforgettable moments.

Together, since 1949, we have been creating encounters, contact, exchange, between ideas, cultures, ways of living and of thinking. We establish new relationships. Or, to put it simply, we feel part of a family. Do you want to be part of it too?

Roasting times

A good blend is like a well-matched group. Our coffees, the best varieties of Arabica and Robusta, are roasted one by one, with respect for each one’s timing. We let their quality take the time to express itself, combining them in blends that create unique espressos. Flavours that help people to truly express themselves and that animate the Italian Mediterranean lifestyle. The quality of our coffee is steeped in emotion, in every one of our blends.