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Welcome to the online shop (“Website”).

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Access to and use of the Website are governed by these terms and conditions of use (the “Terms and Conditions of Use”).

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For information on the processing of personal data, see the “Privacy Policy”.

Caffè Mauro may change or update all or part of these Terms and Conditions of Use at any time. The changes and updates to the Terms and Conditions of Use will be adopted and will be binding as soon as they are published in this section of the Website. We therefore invite you to check this section regularly for publication of the most recent and updated Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website.

Remember that you are the only person responsible for the use of the Website and its contents. Caffè Mauro cannot be considered responsible for the misuse of the Website and its contents by any of its users, with the exception of responsibility for fraud and gross misconduct.

In particular, you will be solely responsible for browsing, accessing and using the Materials, as defined in article 2 hereunder, as well as for providing information and data that are incorrect, false or relating to third parties without their consent, and for their improper use.

Lastly, as all material will be downloaded and obtained through the use of the service at the user’s discretion and risk, all responsibility for damage to computer systems or loss of data lies with the user and cannot be attributed to Caffè Mauro. Caffè Mauro declines all responsibility for damages resulting from the inaccessibility of the service or caused by viruses, damaged files, errors, omissions, service interruptions, problems related to the network, providers, telephone or computer connections, unauthorised access, alteration of data, failure or malfunction of the user’s electronic equipment.

The user is responsible for the safekeeping and proper use of their own systems and their own information or personal data, as well as for all damaging consequences or prejudice that may arise against Caffè Mauro or third parties as a result of the improper use, loss or theft of said information.


  1. Privacy Policy

We invite you to read the Privacy Policy, which applies when you access the Website and use its services. The Privacy Policy will help you understand how your personal data is collected through the Website and used, and for which purposes.

  1. Intellectual property rights

The contents of the Website, such as trademarks, distinctive signs, domain names, models, labels, works, images, photographs, dialogues, music, sounds and videos, documents, drawings, figures, illustrations and logos, as well as the implementation and use of the Website, the structure and organisation of the contents of the Website, the collection and organisation of data and information, and any other material, in any format, published or otherwise made available on the Website or reproduced through the Website, including colours, web pages, graphics, diagrams, layout, methods, processes, functions and software (the “Materials”), are the exclusive property of Caffè Mauro or are granted to the latter in use or used legitimately, and are protected by copyright and by the legislation on intellectual and industrial property.

The Website is intended for private use, for the personal purposes of the user and not for commercial purposes. The Materials presented on the Website are for informative and promotional purposes only.

None of the following operations may be carried out, in any form, by any means or for any purpose, in whole or in part, on the Website or on any of the Materials: reproduction (except for reproduction for personal and non-commercial use), publication, disclosure, transmission, release to the public, re-publication, distribution, display, removal, deletion, addition or modification, creation or use of derivative or otherwise inspired works, sale or participation in sale in any way, without the express written consent of Caffè Mauro and, where necessary, of the other holders of rights indicated by the latter.

Downloading or copying, where authorised in writing by Caffè Mauro, does not imply acquisition by the user of any right or entitlement to or stake in the Material.

  1. Products and Trademarks

The Website contains trademarks registered by the owner of the Website and by third parties, used within the Website for the sole purpose of distinguishing and describing the products shown and marketed therein, or for the purpose of illustrating the designer’s professional career.

Any unauthorised use of these trademarks is forbidden. The use of these trademarks and any other distinctive sign present on the Website in order to take unfair advantage of the distinctive character or reputation of these trademarks, or in such a way as to damage them and their owners, is not permitted.

  1. Links to other websites

The Website may contain links to other websites that have no connection with the Website or with Caffè Mauro. The latter cannot be held responsible for the content of these websites and the regulations adopted by them, including those relating to privacy and the processing of your personal data during your browsing activity.

  1. Link to the Website

Anyone interested in activating links to the home page and other pages of the Website that are publicly accessible is invited to contact Caffè Mauro at the following e-mail address: Caffè Mauro will decide whether to accept the application for activation of the link and will notify the applicant.

It should, however, be noted that the activation of links is granted by Caffè Mauro to the applicant free of charge and on a non-exclusive basis. Caffè Mauro has the right to oppose the activation of direct links to the Website if the applicant has adopted trade practices in the past that are unfair or non-compliant with the practices of the sector, has engaged in unfair competition with Caffè Mauro or its suppliers, if disputes have arisen with Caffè Mauro or its suppliers or if Caffè Mauro fears that these behaviours may be adopted in the future. Likewise, Caffè Mauro may oppose the activation of direct links to the Website if the applicant has adopted discrediting actions regarding Caffè Mauro, the Website or services rendered by Caffè Mauro in the past, or there are fears that it may adopt them in the future. The activation of deep hypertext links (deep frames or deep links) to the Website or the unauthorised use of meta-tags, without the consent of Caffè Mauro, is in any case forbidden.

  1. Applicable law and settlement of disputes

These Terms and Conditions of Use are governed by Italian law and subject to Italian jurisdiction.

The Court of Reggio Calabria shall hold exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising or originating from these Terms and Conditions of Use. Please note that, if the user is a consumer, any dispute relating to the application, implementation and interpretation of these Terms and Conditions of Use shall be referred to the Court of the place where the user resides or has an elected domicile, if the dispute relates to matters governed by Title III, Chapter I, Sections I to IV of Legislative Decree 206/2005 (“Consumer Code”).

Users residing in a Member State of the European Union other than Italy may also have access, for any dispute relating to the application, implementation and interpretation of these Terms and Conditions of Use, to the European Small Claims Procedure established by Regulation (EC) 861/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 July 2007, as long as the value of the dispute does not exceed Euro 5,000.00, excluding interest, fees and expenses. The regulation can be found at