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Mediterranean Emotion.

Caffè Mauro makes a moment of connection exceptional, sparking that intense pleasure which is uniquely rooted in Italy’s Mediterranean culture.

All the taste and flavor of the Mediterranean

Mediterranean Emotion

Blends born in a sun-drenched land surrounded by the sea. With Caffè Mauro you’ll feel at home in the time it takes to drink a coffee. A slow roast epitomises the flavour of an authentic ritual that is part of our way of life. Savouring the moment and relishing every second of quality.

Everything in its own time


Our coffee travels from all over the world to reach this corner of the Mediterranean. Here, we carefully select the varieties, enhance their prized qualities and expertly combine them to create unique, exciting blends. Recipes devised to bring Mediterranean emotion to Italy and the world.

A dream become business

Our history

The history of Caffè Mauro dates to 1949, when Demetrio Mauro followed his passion for coffee and installed the first coffee roasting machine in a small warehouse in the port of Reggio Calabria. He started creating unique blends, perfect for moments of conviviality and pleasure. A coffee conceived for hospitality, making a cup in full Mediterranean lifestyle mode.