Mediterranean Roastery

Historically, Caffè Mauro is the coffee Roastery of Calabria. In every blend, our coffee embodies our local area’s values of hospitality and conviviality. An Italian Mediterranean spirit that evolves from a unique roasting process.

Coffee roasting
by the sea

Our coffee travels from all over the world to reach this corner of the Mediterranean, greeted by the sea breeze over the strait.

Here, today as in 1949, we carefully select varieties and process them separately, taking our time, respecting the prized qualities of each one. Only once we have brought out the best in each variety do we combine them in unique coffee blend recipes, with age-old wisdom and passion.

A unique union of aromas, which makes Caffè Mauro the choice of coffee enthusiasts, in Italy and worldwide, for welcoming loved ones and celebrating new encounters.

Expertly selected and inspected coffee beans

Caffè Mauro’s excellence is guaranteed by rigorous quality controls conducted at every step of the production process. After arriving in Italy, our coffees are brought to our laboratories.

Here they undergo taste tests and chemical-physical analyses, which enable our experts to skilfully pair different origins and types of green coffee.

With our selections of Arabica and Robusta coffee, we create a special sensory profile, unique for each blend, rich in aromas and emotions.

Slow roasting

At our Roastery we create blends for the perfect espresso for every occasion. We expertly select some of the best varieties of Arabica and Robusta and process them one by one, taking our time, as the pace of Mediterranean life has taught us. Each variety is roasted separately.

A slow roast, with patience and respect for every origin and characteristic. Combined with other varieties of coffee, it transforms into a unique coffee blend, ready to unleash its natural and unmistakeable aroma in a moka pot or an espresso. Everything in its own time. Just like in the best encounters.