Coffee Culture

Good coffee isn’t created through improvisation. Instead, it’s the result of studies and research to find blends that are balanced and to determine the best preparation techniques while maintaining the coffee’s sensory characteristics.

That’s why coffee is a passion, and preserving and spreading its culture is part of Caffe Mauro’s philosophy, represented by the coffee bean embrace.

The Coffee Academy was established as a special meeting place where Caffe Mauro’s experts engage in discussion and share their expertise, to impart knowledge and training in a uniquely Italian art to all lovers of the world of quality coffee.

Excellence through training

The barista is really the key player in a coffee bar, a role that only a true professional can play. Extracting an excellent espresso or making a cappuccino means understanding the sensory characteristics of the blend, mastering the extraction parameters, calibrating the grind, managing the settings on the professional coffee machine, with the aim of enhancing, with passion, everything that a coffee can convey.

The CM Academy prepares baristas to become all-rounded professionals in the world of coffee.

At the Academy, Caffè Mauro offers a broad and comprehensive training programme, with theory modules and practical exercises, led by our Authorized SCA trainer, who is also a QA Grader, QR Grader and Q processing Level 1.

The modules cover basic professional levels, specialisation courses, courses on coffee and café promotion, and courses on launching a bar and/or coffee shop.

Course Types

All the courses organised at the Coffee Academy include a visit to the company and to the Caffè Mauro roasting plant. The courses focus on processing, production and quality control, explained from a technical point of view.

Foundation Barista
Advanced Barista
Latte Art
Latte Art Couloring
Coffee & Mixology